Parallele Centronics


Connecteur de l'imprimante: 36 broches CENTRONICS femelle.

Pin Name Dir Description
1 /STROBE IN Strobe
2 D0 IN/OUT Data Bit 0
3 D1 IN/OUT Data Bit 1
4 D2 IN/OUT Data Bit 2
5 D3 IN/OUT Data Bit 3
6 D4 IN/OUT Data Bit 4
7 D5 IN/OUT Data Bit 5
8 D6 IN/OUT Data Bit 6
9 D7 IN/OUT Data Bit 7
10 /ACK OUT Acknowledge
11 BUSY OUT Busy
12 POUT OUT Paper Out
13 SEL OUT Select
14 /AUTOFEED IN Autofeed
15 n/c - Not used
16 0 V ------ Logic Ground
17 CHASSIS GND ------ Shield Ground
18 +5 V PULLUP OUT +5 V DC (50 mA max)
19 GND ------ Signal Ground (Strobe Ground)
20 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 0 Ground)
21 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 1 Ground)
22 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 2 Ground)
23 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 3 Ground)
24 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 4 Ground)
25 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 5 Ground)
26 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 6 Ground)
27 GND ------ Signal Ground (Data 7 Ground)
28 GND ------ Signal Ground (Acknowledge Ground)
29 GND ------ Signal Ground (Busy Ground)
30 /GNDRESET ------ Reset Ground
31 /RESET IN Reset
32 /FAULT OUT Fault (Low when offline)
33 0 V ------ Signal Ground
34 n/c - Not used
35 +5 V OUT +5 V DC
36 /SLCT IN IN Select In (Taking low or high sets printer on line or off line respectively)

Note: Direction is Printer relative Computer.


STROBE (Strobe) active low output
Notify the printer that data available on D0 o D7 are valid.

D0 - D7 (Data Bus) outputs Data byte send to the printer, output only in "compatible" mode and bi-directionnal in newer modes.

ACK (Acknoledge) active low input
Notify the computer that the printer is ready to receive the next data.

BUSY (Busy) active low input
Printer buffer full or printer busy, the computer must wait for this signal to get high again to continue sending data.

PE (Paper End) active high input
Printer out of paper.

SLCT (Select Out) active high input
Printer ready (On-line).

AUTO-FEED (Auto-Feed) active high output
Printer Line feed.

ERROR (Error) active low input
Error detected by the printer.

INIT (Reset) active low output
Initialize the printer (reset).

SLCT IN (Select In) active low output
Send a on-line request to the printer.