Prise clavier 5 broches (DIN)

5 PIN DIN 180 (DIN41524) FEMALE

Prise 5 broches femelle DIN 180 du PC (DIN41524)

Pin Name Description Technical
1 CLOCK Clock CLK/CTS, Open-collector
2 DATA Data RxD/TxD/RTS, Open-collector
3 n/c Not connected Reset on some very old keyboards.
4 GND Ground  
5 VCC +5 VDC  


This signal is sent from the keyboard to synchronise the data signal.


Keyboard scan codes are sent from the keyboard to the computer on this single wire serially.


This signal is rarely used and many keyboards don't even connect it. It was used to let the computer reset the keyboard. The PS/2 design from IBM even abandonned it from it's new connector.

+5 Vdc

This is a simple 5 volts signal for giving power to the keyboard.


This is a common ground signal used as a return path for data and is a reference to logical 0.